To Sleep, Perchance To Dream...


To Sleep, Perchance To Dream….

I come into the kitchen and you are there washing the dishes.

You place them in the drying rack that you said bought the other day, (but, I have no recollection of yesterday, because for me, there is only this exact moment), to protect a counter that through years use, has long since needed careful protection. I think, in casual passing, that the landlord should really fix that one day.

The kitchen is bright, perfect with just the right amount of clutter on the counters (like spices & jars) and pictures on the walls.

The sink is right under a windowsill covered in pots of purple violets. In a passing, fleeting thought I think “Oh how I do miss that feature in apartment dwellings”.

You look so domestic in your (or should I say), my apron with the big yellow flowers & the ruffles around the bottom. And you smile that gentle good morning smile that I love to see.

You show me that you have organized the counters and you are very proud of this particular wire bottle basket that now holds your favorite brand of cooking oil.

I see the ‘family value size’ container of pepper has been moved closer to the drying rack, on the right hand side of the scratched grey tiled counter on top of a set of old orange Tupperware container (I think today’s generation calls this stuff ‘retro’), (you know the gaudy ones with the ridges on the sides that are very hard to clean with the snap & seal lid to keep the freshness in). We have three of them on the counter in our collection of kitchen stuff

And I say ‘what about the pepper? Won’t it accidently get knocked over?”

And you say casually, with that look of tender knowing in your deep hazel eyes that carry years & years of joys & sorrows & memories of youth & the flavors of love “Only if we are not careful”

I look out the other window over the table with the red & white checked plastic cloth on top with our coffee cups waiting to be enjoyed over our usual dangling conversations of life or sometimes a plain old comfortable silence, & I say “I love the fact that it looks like the ocean is so near. It is like living in the Caribbean. And when you look out the window & stare hard enough, you can see it go past the last house down the street. I mean, not that this is possible, but, that’s okay here, as it is the perfect place for such beautiful illusions.”

And I really can see it. I can see the waves flow passed & I am at peace with this odd scene & with us.

I can also see the water beyond the back yard, through the window over the sink & over your strong shoulder as you bend ever so slightly to wash another dish from the sink. It is blue, refreshing & sparkling, as it drifts along with its eternal waves against the shoreline, where in reality, the back yard garden should actually be.

The houses in the neighborhood, are very large, well to do & pretty here. The street is serene & clean, lined with trees & flowers. The sun is shining

The house next door to us is huge & looks like a white library with eight columns in front.

They are all like that.

Our house is huge too, but, I don’t know what it looks like. All I know is it fits well in the neighborhood.

We go for a drive & we are sitting in the car. I don’t know what kind of car it is, but we are driving on the road & snuggling. Yup, we are not wearing seatbelts & we are not afraid as it is just fine here.

I am wearing my favorite red robe which is curious indeed, as I am fully dressed.

We see a man removing heart shaped basement windows from his lovely royal blue house & I admire his decorative sense & originality.

And I ask you, “Do you think that is a good idea I mean with the flooding & all?

You quietly say that “it will be fine.”

The heart shaped windows line the basement all around his house.

Then, we are downtown & we see several men in dark black business suits & ties, walking on their way to work.

It is a newfangled form of physical exercise that they do. They literally walk on the side of the building, effortlessly I might add, with their umbrellas for balance even though they are on a very dangerous slant & they do it with the ease of an experienced high wire artist. I will have to ask them one day how they do that, but, for now, I just sit in the car, smile & admire their skills. You, on the other hand, do not seem moved by their ability, but, you are smiling, so I know, deep down, you are also very impressed even though I am sure you have seen this sight a dozen times before. So your smile could very well be a knowing smile, rather than any other kind of smile. I am too content to guess right now.

They smile back at us because they know we are new to their pretty little town (at least I am sure I am).They understand that the first time anyone witnesses their unusual skills, it can be quite unnerving & confusing, all at the same time.

I say quietly, so as not to disturb the tranquility & perfection of the moment, “look there is a dance studio here” as two dancers, one male & one female come out dancing to their own individual beats. I think their style is strange but then I am used to the old straight laced ballet traditions.

I look down & my jeans are torn down the right leg from knee to ankle, but, they are not separated at the hem yet, so I feel it is not that serious. Actually, I am not upset by this observation at all.

I say no wonder I was cold last night, but, I can fix them as these are my favorite jeans

You hold me closer & I wonder if we are going to make love right in the car

Then it is over.

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