If ever there was a special cat

My Meko -  San was much more than that

With bright orange stripes

And such catitude

His very steps he did so exude

Little man, I miss the love you gave

Such gentle ways, each unselfish wave

Of endless deep purrs

And great quiet strength

No cat can ever dare take your place

Silly cat hanging over my head

Tangling up the blankets in my bed

Waiting - to play hard

Wanting - to have fun

Loving me with those bright sweet golden eyes

Walking with soft silent silken paws

Hidden within a strong beating heart

Too soon did you leave.

Why did we part, dear?

Can I not scratch your chin one more time?

Big boy cat with the melodic song

You’ve been gone already far too long

So much I must say

Dear friend, Meko - San,

But all I can do is say goodbye

I know that you’re happy there above

And you know I miss your kitty love

Someday we will meet

On that Rainbow Bridge

To run, together, in green meadows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In some ways, it is difficult to be the one that accepts so many unwanted cats. It is costly & heartbreaking. But, on the other hand, I have come to know & love so many of these lovely creatures. Meko - San was the only male in the household & a fine boy inded he was.

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Kristine Snow's picture

Again, a wonderful tribute to a loyal and trusting friend.


gentle's picture

Thank you Kris

And you are a loyal friend, too♥

Gentle is the night♥