Forbidden Desires


Dark prince, is this what it is like to dwell


In the silence of the velveteen night

How do you last for all eternity


Greedy with such sweet forbidden desires

And I who fear to follow you

Clutch tightly

To the soft tender throat I hide

Waiting in the shadows everywhere

Seeking life

To sate the hunger in those burning veins

I hear the sweet refrain of your vile song


As you prey on their mortal innocence

And I who want to follow you

Breathe deep

In the aroma of your lust

I thirst as you gorge on this dark heady wine

The blood

Surges upwards to your wet greedy mouth

The power over my mortal life is

Your love

It please you too well to wield this prize

And I who will not follow you

Will remain

Hidden in the shadows of night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The vampyre mystique

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Starward's picture

This is very eerie.  I liked

This is very eerie.  I liked it very much.


gentle's picture

wow, thank you

How kind

Gentle is the night♥

Richard Elliott's picture

Not to sup is not to dine, but what eternal innocence does mock the worthiness of script for a dire and cavenous desire. Yet alas, I too should wonder in these modern times as if it would go unnoticed. A creative gesture in the guise of a sample of sweet innocecnce does call the demons to pages of writhe, gesticulating, emotive young nymphettes to lay beckonings for them to come out of the night shadows and offer a morsel to some weary soul.

Good Work.