Ode to the Soldier I Have Never Met


I wish I could have known you

Although we have never met

You saved my life countless times

I can never pay the debt.

You are both man and woman

From so young to very old

And I have praised you all the time

Your brave stories I have told.

You are black and white and red

Yellow and all in between

The scars in you that have grown,

Should never ever have been.

You prayed many time alone

To the power of your choice

Each time you prayed in silence

I cried loud to be your voice.

You are the soldiers of this land

You keep me warm and secure

As you lay, with gun in hand

I walk free, far from the war.

You have been a part of me

And , for all these years I live

I wish I could have known you

This poppy, then I would give.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of the ones who lay in eternal sleep because they gave their life for their country, no matter who they are or what country they died for....

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clarinetpsycho's picture

I want to say thank you for this poem. I am a soldier and this really touched me. Thank you very much.