Mother, beloved...

Lady, who made me

What I am today,

Who gave me the blood

Flowing through these veins

With the breath that takes

Me through the bright days

And the darkest nights.

You, who carried me

Deep within your flesh

Closest to your heart.

You, who bore the pain

Without a complaint

When I raised my face

From that first moment

To the rising sun.

Beloved mother...

Who wiped away all

Of my learning tears

And my wordly fears

As I stumbled through

The rite of passage

From child to woman

With babes of my my own

I am before you

Here down on my knees

Weeping silently

Wishing you were here

Beside me today

Tender arms wrapped tight

About the child who

Misses you so much.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mother's love can never be replaced once it is gone.
Love her no matter what.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Man this was a beautiful write.