To Karyn

I was once like you are now

Face alive & skin aglow

Deep in thoughts & in visions

Full of fears & indecisions

Seeing beyond realities

Breathing in my fantasies

Thinking I was so alone

Tying up the telephone

Ruled by heat & my desire

Satisfying every fire

Waiting for that special face

Willing to share and embrace

All the passions of my life

Then I grew to understand

Life & love go hand in hand

Hold them close within your heart

Youth & strength will never part

And though the years follow past

Birthdays coming way too fast

Aging with each passing day

Wrinkling eyes & hair of gray

Wisdom fills the mind with dread

But my eyes know I'm not dead

When a boy - toy passes by

Watch my face & hear me sigh

With the passions of my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Karyn, you have more than just a friend - you have been an inspiration. I hope you like this piece. I had a lot of fun writing it.
Stay young & stay sweet...

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Kristine Snow's picture

What a lovely tribute! I am sure Karyn was touched. This poem can be read by most young women and appreciated.


Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was beautiful!

hhickson's picture

Wonderful tribute to a young woman with so much to share with the world and unlike us older folks, lots of time to do so.

Hugs and Peace.


Karyn Indursky's picture

I am flattered and honored to have touched you this way. It goes beyond the depth of friendship that I have with most people. Your intelligence, wit, beauty, talent, kindness, etc. can't be touched by anyone. You're truly an angle from God and I hope you don't lose sight of it. I love you. Hugs.

Richard Elliott's picture

Ah, the tenderness and relentless wanderings of youth. Yes we don't exactly lose it any stage.

Nice work Amy. Your penmanship remains distinct and evocative and what's this about grey hair? Surely not the immortal sugar plum faerie?

Thanks for putting this up.