The Girl On the Golden Pole


The girl on the golden pole

Knows exactly what she can do

Her firm young sensual naked skin

Manipulating , girating, dancing

To the sultry pulsations of the music

Hands caressing, exploring the forbidden hills

And valleys of her body, burying themselves deep

Within the erotic fantasies of the crowded bar

The girl on the golden pole

Sees no one there, watching her dance

But she senses their deep emptiness

She hears their longing, endless fantasies

She feels the dark thoughts of men in the front row

And knows she can feed that insatiable hunger

Especially of those who linger in the shadows

Waiting, watching as they caress their mounting desires

The girl on the golden pole

Knows she is their perfect vision,

Of unreachable forbidden yearning

A heavenly angel of lusty dreams

Amidst the smoke - soiled corners of the room

And the realisms of a less than perfect life

She wears the mixture of desire & the alcohol

On her skin and sees her own degradation in their eyes

The girl on the golden pole

Believes that what she does - each move

Is right and every evening

With her childrens’ soft whispering prayers

Believes that one sweet day, there will be no more

Hungry eyes to feed but knows that each golden dance

Will either bring her one step closer to paradise

Or dangerously close to the endless abyss below

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Starward's picture

Revisiting this after eleven

Revisiting this after eleven years, I find it just as intense as when I first read it, and the insight presented in the poem is very profound.


gentle's picture

Thank you

What you have said was very kind

Gentle is the night♥

Starward's picture

This poem brilliantly creates the moving image of the girl's dance, and the intense stare of the audience watching her, while at the same time disclosing the narrator's understanding of the entire experience.


phil_carcione's picture

Very thought provoking piece. Sounds like you may have written this from experience.

Richard E's picture

Nice to see some cerebral workout again. This is an interesting piece that initiates the subject as a glamorous performer but tides to the "pressure of the job" and has a lamenting overtone of desperate, carnal figures that wish something from the performer.

But it is a girl on a golden pole, and it seems all does not glitter around the gold.

Descriptive work.

Richard E.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

What a fantastic poem! Very visual, descriptive, and heartwarming all at the same time. I liked how you ended the poem. True talent.