Speak to me of those tales of yore

Of life and love and ever more

To breathe again, of times before

These altruistic times ignore

Great horned beast of flashing ire

Cleanse quick this apathy with fire

Bring forth the fury of the pyre

Save us from this black muck and mire

Return to us the moments where

The innocence of maiden fair

Rode gracefully with gentle mare

In woven gowns and flowing hair

Bring harp to hearth to live among

Verdant meadows all summer long

With cherry wine, so sweet and strong

Sing poetry in lilting song.


Let this modern world now be damned

Forsake the pleas and take a stand

Upon the ugliness at hand

Technology should fade to sand

Please take away the teeming ground

Let Merlin’s magic rise unbound

Burn anger clean without a sound

Then joy alone alive is found

Save my lost soul great dragon please

Cleanse my heart. Let troubles now cease

Take this old soul and bring release

Your lady pleads you for such peace

Bring forth those times to ease the pain

Your mercy lord, I need to gain

Bring down your fire like cleansing rain

So I can fall in love again


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