The Great Canadian Rockies


Silent sentinals wrapped in cobalt blue,

Painted peaks of frosty cadmium white,

Watching, waiting, for the end of all time,

Extending up, to touch the face of God.

Each one as unique as the flakes of snow

That drift like thick mists upon their surface.

Priceless, splendid gifts of Mother Nature,

Symbols of her majesty and power.

Miles upon miles of massive stone giants

Inhabited by the beasts who have dwelled

Sheltered high above the routines of man.

Tempting the endurance and fortitude

Of those who will dare the challenging heights

To stand upon the highest crests and stare

Down with reverence at the world below.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can anything be more overwhelmingly glorious than seeing one of the largest wonders of nature's creations

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Melvin Lee II's picture

Indeed a poem worth showcasing, Amy.
I like the imagery painted with your words, as if i am looking at a poetic postcard.
It must have been a most memorable trip for you.
Smilesz, if only Singapore has such resplendent scenery.

Thanxs for sharing.

hhickson's picture

Good descriptive write. My wife and I just visited my daughter in New Mexico and they took us up to Sandia Peak, where the words in your poem about "challenging the heights" rang very true. After climbing 3 flights of stairs I was looking for an oxygen tank.

Hugs and Peace


David Richardson's picture

What visionary beauty is exibited in this masterpiece poem. The picture you paint with your artistic brush is so so so vivid and inspiring. I truly agree the beauty of mountain ranges is so so so impressive so breathtaking. What you have described here has literally taken my breath away-brought tears to the eyes. Thank you for inspiring me so early this morning Amy. Please take care and have a very beautiful and safe New Year.

Dave Richardson
12/30/03 7:22am est.

Richard.Elliott's picture

A powerful piece that combines descriptive visual phrasing with a gentle rhythm that creates an almost haunting piece in majesty and beauty. I especially liked the lines:
Sheltered high above the routines of man.
and later;
Down with reverence at the world below.

A holiday is a good thing.