To My Children's Children's Children


As sure as the tender earth will turn

The constant winds of change will caress

The life of every living soul.

As sure as the soft summer breezes

Will carry along the seeds of life

Gaia's gifts will blossom and grow.

As sure as each mortal life will die

And rest to nourish the hungry ground

We will live in those who remember.

As sure as dark night follows bright day

Tomorrow will follow once again

And yesterday is forever done.

As sure as the rain will gently fall

Each small step you take to understand

Is swept away with the whirling sands.

As sure as one child will reach beyond

The mind's walls and stretch out to the stars

He will learn there are no more limits .

As sure as I am standing right here

I will face the swirling winds of change

Because I have you always to love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my grandson Ryan & all those who follow

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First it is a high privilege

First it is a high privilege to read the poems of one of postpoems' most senior poets.  (Reading in your profile page, I became curious who those first eight were.)  This poem is very beautiful, very important; and, if I may speculate, will have a long life over several---many---generations in your family and elsewhere.  Although, as a Christian, I do not see the process quite the same way you do, I definitely respect what you have written, and it reminds me of the legacy I will leave to my grandchildren---which will be a remembrance of my words (as it was with my grandparents).  I am glad to have found this poem randomly today.


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I am honored

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my works & for your lovely comments. It has been a while but I can still remember some of the original eight - Jason Minton (founder), Kristine Snow, Renee Quinn, Melvin Lee, Richard Elliot (rip). Unfortunately, there are 3 names I have forgotten. perhaps Jason can help you to fill in those blanks?

Gentle is the night♥

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hmmmm I've always thought the Gaia theory very interesting, and I believed much of it as a child although I am a reborn again christian now. Anyways I think the poem is so sweet, It's very sentimental. I'm sure you're grandchild will apreciate the poem greatly.

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thank you so much

I am honored!

Gentle is the night♥