Redemption: A Return to Innocence


Oh I have soared so high

Higher than any eagle

Has flown, chasing after

Flashing quicksilver wings

Of butterfly angels

Reaching out,persuing,

To sweetly touch the face

Of the tender heavens

And I have danced deeply

Swaddled in delicate

Shadows of soft satin

Upon this great sweat stained

Stage called mortality

Treasuring the faces

Of love in the endless

Energies of my life

And I have swallowed all

In the powerful mirth

Of a simple deep breathe

With the hungry beating

Of a single heartbeat

So gently close to mine

Merging strong as one mind,

Body heat, thought to thought

Then I have fallen,down,

Tumbling, uncontrolling

To the cruel darkness

Of inhumanity

Down into hell's fires

Psyche twisted in pain

Beyond all recognition

And no hope for repair

But I have flown again

High among the heavens

And butterfly angels

To ride the winds of change

Wheeling, soaring, higher

Than the dank shadows

To dance again, to love,

And touch the face of God

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In life, many transitions, good or bad, will occur. It is how we deal with these "bumps or decisons" that determine our path.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Wow. This poem is amazing. I love your imagery, symbolim, expressions of emotions, and attention to detail. Your lines are short, but powerful. I feel blown away after reading such a wonderful, beautiful poem. It's inspiring. I hope many others read this poem because it's a real chin lifter. Great job and please continue to write. I'd love to read and ocmment on more.