When I Grow Too Old To Dream


When I grow too old for dreams

Of fields, flowers, sparkling streams,

Will love still find its clever schemes

To chase away the darkness?

When I'm bent into the earth,

Features lined from years of mirth,

Thick in thought and body girth,

Will you feel the same desires?

When I can't remember why

Reasons for the tears I cry,

For swift and sure, years do fly,

Will you, love, still rest with me?

When my hair grows silver gray,

When I dance and sing off key,

Won't you dance along with me

In those dwindling twilight years?

After life has all but flown,

Mem'ries of the past but done,

Blessed children grown and gone,

Promise that you'll dream with me.

When my soul lays down to keep,

I will love you as you weep,

While I lay in endless sleep,

Ever, always dream for me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love should be forever.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Wow. What a lovely piece.

itsmesowhatofit's picture

Love is an amazing emotion, isnt it? I can tell you have been in love before and cherish it more than life, good job!

salphire5's picture

This is just lovely, and many people will read this and sigh saying, "that is just what I wanted to express but was never able to, so well."
I really enjoyed this poem.
Best wishes

FM Salphire

Kristine Snow's picture

I agree....one should never be too old to dream. We sometimes lose sight of our dreams, getting too involved in "life", and I think that is why some people seem "harder" than others. They are the ones who have lost sight of their dreams, their childhoods....DREAM ON!


Richard.E.'s picture

I have a sense that perhaps our dreams are the stairways to to higher hopes and greater acceptance of our own ways and desires. This piece is gracefully and delicately crafted as if one would glide those stairs and fulfil those hopes and truths.

A truly great work that would want us for you to never lose your dreams and that we should be able to dream with you.

Thank-you for sharing this.

Richard Elliott.

Karyn Indursky's picture

No one is ever too young or too old to dream. It's what helps us live from day to day. Without it we would lack the hope, motivation, determination, etc. to keep pushing, trudging forward when things feel impossible, but aren't. I appreciate you sharing thiss piece with me and others out there. It helped me gain back my willingness to admnit my fantastical dreams I yearn for at times without feeling insecure, embarassed, and what not. God bless you, Amy, and take csre.

myrataal's picture

The title of the poem immediately set the mind into a musical mood, so that the read is an absolutely adorable, albeit melancholic, song!

Yes - love SHOULD be forever ...



David Richardson's picture

So beautifully written with so much feelings of love and sensulaity. The words you chosen were so awesome.The brought tears to my eyes.The visualization and meaning of this masterpiece goes beyond words. Amy, you are a very gifted poetress,never never stop writing. Thank you for sharing this beauty with me and have a very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson