Everyday, we

Make many choices

In our mortal lives

Which are either right

And lead us clearly

To the light of truth

Or are so amiss

They show us the way

Into the darkness.

Lost souls forever.

If we should zig right

When we should quickly

Have zagged to the left.

Our destiny

Changes exactly

Right in a heartbeat

And at that moment

No one can turn back.

Our previous course

Is just memory.

A million to one

Odds & decisions

Are out there for us.

Make up your own mind

Open up this door

Close tightly that one.

Run, do not linger

To the very next

Decision you make.

Imagine the best.

What is done is done.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Interesting poem with many complexities set in a simple, but suited format. Your word choice is deliberate and intense in short phrases as emotions mount at thinking about our society not as a whole, but as individuals making choices in effecting the community as a whole. I like how you wrote this and went on to sharing it. It certainly gets a person thinking and that's a good thing. God bless you, sweetie.

Richard Elliott's picture

Buddha says, "With our thoughts we create the world!"

I liked the last couple of lines. It seems a bit like life, the trudge and tromp and hopefully at the end the ascension. I guess the Zig-zag reference can be used for many of us. But some say it is the belief and faith that helps us be delivered.

I not only believe but can see your writing still contains a good rhythm, depth and insight.

Thanks for letting me know about this one.

Cheers & Beers,


Ugonna's picture

After reading your "SWEET DESIRES",
for the first time, I've no more
words to comment on "KARMA". "SWEET
DESIRES" blew my mind away: I'll
have to find my mind. But since I'm
eagle I will. And then, I'll say
something concerning this one:
"Karma". For me now, it's:


HAWK SQUAW's picture

well I have to say that I love this....... it says so much..... and I truly love the last line........

"what is done is done"

such important words to live by I think

thank you for sharing with us once again your insight into the day to day things

dragonzite's picture

Amy Luv, i knew there was a reason we are such good friends. This poem is so close to my own personal philosiphy it amazes me. You are a gift from the fates. I will luv you forever.