The Secret

I have a little secret

I am not supposed to tell

Of dark and deep deceptions

And the day the angels fell.

My daddy says he loves me

Especially each night

Shows me that he doesn't lie

When he holds me oh so tight.

Mommy's not supposed to know

This dark secret we both share

She would ruin everything

If she knew he touched me there.

I wish that I could tell her

When the blood begins to flow

Maybe she could stop the pain

Just because it hurts me so.

One hot night I could not keep

This dark secret that I hide

Mommy found me soaked in lust

And she cried and cried and cried.

Daddy knew she understood

And he took a kitchen knife

Sliced across the tender throat

Of the woman he called wife.

Then he came to me and said

I warned you never to tell

Took the bloody knife once more

And I died right where I fell.

He raped our lifeless bodies

And then left us all alone

Set fire to the evidence

No sad tears for what was done.

But fire was our final friend

Leaving just the truth behind

To bring my dad straight to hell

With no love from all mankind.

My mommy's name is Angel

And I am her "angel dear"

But my real name is Secret

There is nothing now I fear.

I live among the angels

Where daddy will never go

Mommy Angel holds me tight

Her love I will always know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to the memory of Angel & Secret Kersey who suffered & died by the hand of the man whose ugliness destroyed their lives.
There can be no mercy for him nor can he ever be among the angels.

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Kristine Snow's picture

How tragic! You took a horrible subject and wrote a very moving piece. Sickening to think that ANYONE could commit such an act....but it happens wich such frequency. I'm sure the "angels" are looking down upon you with love in their hearts. Peaceful at last.


ugonna's picture

A soul searching piece. Heart rendering.
Movingly explorative of the human condition.
Yet hopeful in all of its angellic beauty!


Richard Elliott's picture

Goodness, gracious, me! What an extremely powerful and deeply disturbing piece, all-in-one. The tale of the tragedy is almost told like an Allen-Poe horror; precisely unwinding until the reader is wide-eyed in shock. It finishes well, but that Angel Mommy would have been better put had she found Angel Secret when she had been given her first one to keep. And Demon Daddy, he is a long forgotten nightmare that ever was.

Amazing writing.


Karyn Indursky's picture

This poem touched me deep into my soul. Not many can write such a tragic, controversial piece as you have and give it life. I felt their pain and wanted it to end. But I didn't want to end with death. Yet, unfortunately, sometimes the only escape is death. I hope amongst the angels they fly in heavenly beauty and maybe can help stop other abusers. God bless you. Hugs.