just a product of the 60's

Memories of Youth

Love peace, hate the state of war.

"What the hell is it good for?

Absolutely nothin'!!"

Just a silly old "peacenick",

Holding high the white banner

For "making love", not conflicts.

Protesting to "ban the bomb."

Can't tolerate politics

Don't have faith in the players

Or the great so - called system

That adjusts for the wealthy.

"Big brother's" eyes are right there,

Waiting to take it all away.

Education is freedom.

Trust in the teachings of Zen

Or a great Higher Power,

Bible, Koran, the Torah,

Mother Earth, the Tao, Wicca.

For all life is precious

None can ever be replaced.

Fully have faith in the "Force."

Believe in equality

For every man, woman.

No place for racial walls.

No excuse for useless slurs.

No room for stereotypes.

Take the front seat beside me,

Unless you prefer the back.

Miss the Beatles, Doors, Dylan,

Songs of artistic freedom.

A product of the sixties.

Don't ever want to feel sad

The "summer of love" is gone.

Lucky to have lived those years.

Wouldn't want to change a thing.

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phil_carcione's picture

I too am a child of the sixties.......brink back the folk music!

Jim Valero's picture


Your poem brings back so many reminiscences! I am a child of the sixties myself, & I share all the sentiments you express in your poem. Certainly, in these hard times, the world would do well to recover the idealism & courageous daring of the young generations of those years.

You speak of belief in a

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

1969,What a special time,yes Amy we were all magic then
i still got a little magic around here and there,Come Together),its now just a song LET IT BE~ has to be the one
L&P LOL AMY listening to 2000 light years from home now lol,the finer things keep shining on thru < S.Winwood

Karyn Indursky's picture

You had me laughing from the beginning. It's funny how they talked back then and how we talk now. Then, when I got more serious I thought about how their problems back then are pretty much the basic ones we have now. It makes me wonder how much we've really solved and how much time we've wasted.

HAWK SQUAW's picture

hello there my friend........ well I finally made it.....

I have to say you are singing the words that I feel, believe in, and singing in my mind each and everyday.....

I am with you on this subject.... I did not get to live through the 60's but sure wish I had been a little older then...... having been born in 58 I was just a little too young to know what was really going on...... but I to love the Beatles, Dylan and the Doors...... they just don't make music like that much any more.....

you are the speaker of words that we should all stop and think of...... you are a great poetess and I am happy that you are a dear friend

thanks for putting in words what I have been feeling but my muse has ducked out on me for now on this WAR subject

Kristine Snow's picture

Right on! Tell it like it is!