A letter To Santa (from one who was left behind)


Dear Santa:

A letter from the post office arrived today.

It said if I write to you, you would surely write back.

It said if I hurry, then you won't be too busy to hear my Christmas wish.

And holiday joy would be mine for the first time in many years.

I would wake up with the hopes of a child on that special morning as I did once upon a time so long ago.

But Santa, how can you make this promise?

Can you mend a broken heart or bring me someone to love? Will he be waiting there under the tree with open arms & promises of forever?

How is this possible, Santa? Do you have a miracle cure for the cruel disease called loneliness?

Can you promise me that the man I once loved & trusted will ever understand that his selfish middle age desires for youth & power led me to a life of poverty & hardship, as he still continues to enjoy all that money can buy & the memories I was forced to leave behind?

Can you promise me security? And that I will not be a slave to the rising rental rates or the hardships & long hours of minimum wage jobs ever again?

Could you give me back the life that was so abruptly taken away because I was no longer pretty & someone else was the sweeter wine?

And can you tell my "so - called" lawyer that just because I hired his services through some charitable organization, it does not make my case something to pull out from his dusty shelves when he has nothing better to do or when he gets a shot of simple humanity?

Santa, can you bring back the dignity of tending a home, a  family, a garden for 25 years? I think I might have lost that, too...

Also, can you please explain to my children & my grandchildren why one day I may have to depend on the government just to have a place to write my poetry long after I can no longer work?

Can you do all this for? Can you make my Christmas wish come true?

No, I didn't think so...

But, that's ok Santa, thanks anyway for reading my letter...

And, BTW, for what's it's worth, I still believe in you.

Your greatest fan:


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jgupta's picture

This is a moving piece rushing back memories. As a child remember posting letters full of expectations and do not still want to feel that Santa Claus fictitious. I can fully understand all what you wrote here having undergone an art desertion (heart)I too have one on Santa under the title Countdown.

Karyn Indursky's picture

I like the purity and innocense in this tonality. It's gut wrenching and feel. I think everyone has been lonely and has either prayed to God, written to Santa, begged Cupid, or something for someone to restore their faith in love. I hope you never give up and one you do find puts a twinkle in your beautiful eyes.