The Boy With His Nose To The Ground


He was advised by all the grownups in town

He was a silly boy who's nose pointed down

Down where he could never perceive any sound

Because he pointed his nose down to the ground

But, what they didn't know was what he could see

Bugs with many legs that made them run silly

Fat, marching ants with matching red rubber boots

Flashy, toy metal trucks with whistles and toots

And, on the grass, he discovered a penny

What if it belonged once to old uncle Kenny?

Over there, a precious, shiny lump of glass

How can anyone not see such finds of great class?

There, torn and tattered, two grey woollen mittens

What was that poem with Three Little Kittens?

A broken, old pencil will work out just fine

When scribbling pictures or creating a line

He sat on a rock and traced out a fossil

Met squirrels with their tails all fluffed in tassel

Placed his nose in the grass and snuffed up a weed

Followed a butterfly and planted a seed

So, you can see that without hearing a sound

Although his nose is always facing the ground

He sees what no grownup can ever believe

Perception is truly in what you perceive


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the kid in all of us, especially to my grandson Ryan who is already checking everything out.

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Blackwingedbird's picture

brings joy to me.

brings joy to me.

Natalie Abinante's picture

That's such an awesome poem. Everyone laughs at me because I notice strange things, except mine are usually on the ceiling, but I love the poem!

Karyn Indursky's picture

This poem is interesing. When people envision someone walking with their head, nose down it's normally a sign of unhappiness. So, they want to get that person to raise their chin and feel better. Although, the problem or fact of being human is we don't know everything about everyone and shouldn't presume we do. You illustrate the importance of not labeling, judging, and gossiping. Thank you for the insight into your soul and life. God bless you.

salphire5's picture

This is an entertaining and thought provoking poem. I enjoyed reading it and seeing the world through those eyes, whose distance from the ground is shorter than mine.
Great writing.
F. Salphire

HAWK SQUAW's picture

well you have done it again.....left me feeling as though I am just your lowly apprentice......

wow what a poem..... I can just see this little boy with his nose to the ground...... I was this sort of child.... and still find myself walking with my head down most of the time....... they use to really get on me about it but hey I survived....... and I did see many things that no one else ever did.....

thanks for bring back such fond memories with this wonderful artistic view of life through a childs eye

ugonna's picture

A movingly inspiring ballad
of homely conceptions, Amy!

What a memorable piece
you've woven here!


Mona Omar's picture

dear amy happy easter cute write :) i hope you are fine

Richard.E.'s picture

Oh Amy, you do paint a beautiful picture of a young man looking and learning. And as a grown-up yourself, it is good to see you can see through a child's eyes and touch a reader's heart. Don't make them grow up too quick!


Richard Elliott