Little Man On A Great Stone Mountain


He was so sure he deserved the best in life.

He was just seventeen, married way too young.

And, if  she hadn't been made pregnant by him,

He never would have hung around after all.

He despised her, although it took two to dance.

But, that is no damn stupid excuse to make

Him feel guilty enough to do the right thing.

And, all that ridiculous crying she did!

God, you would think she was in serious pain.

How he hated to be needed by anyone,

Because, that would mean responsibilities.

Right now, he could be somewhere else much sweeter

Where no one needed him, high above the world

On a great stone mountain of his own choosing,

Looking down on all those pitiful, lost fools

Spending days, trapped in a world of drudgery.

He deserved better than all of this nonsense.

She should go away and get on with her life.

Just stop all this crying and leave him alone

To live free from strife high atop his mountain,

Instead of forcing him to lie each late night

About his secret desires to be alone.

Everyone had him convinced that he was right.

Leave her, man, and show her who you really are!

So many treasures are waiting just for you.

You do not have to hide them on your mountain.

Toss aside the sorrows she caused with her tears.

Guilt holds you back from the better things in life

That, only you, as a man, truly deserve.

Just think, no more responsibilities,

With no one left to tell you what you should feel,

To have the right to be truly the master,

Alone, free, high atop your great stone mountain.

He rose higher and higher, with a dark heart

Like a sacred cow in golden finery,

Away from the person he once called lover

And played a new game every single night.

He turned his back on responsibilities

Since they only chained him down to reality.

Then the broken threads of his life, unravelled,

Threatened to fall as loosely in cold tears

Upon the highest of the great stone mountains

That isolated his lost and lonely form,

Alone, above the rest of the human race.


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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow its greatly done with perfect way... love it

Kristine Snow's picture

Well, the last two lines here said it all....lonely and lost, alone above the human race. Hard to understand why people would want to isolate themselves like this, but they do it all the time. Great commentary on a hard (and possibly personal?) subject.


Karyn Indursky's picture

I like your use of comparison and contrast. Too often do I forget how small I am in this world and the beautiful of all that towering above me. Thank you for getting me to see things in a different perspective.

Richard.E.'s picture

What a very emotive, well written and powerful piece. It is so often in this "New World" that the easy option is presented so sweet and enticing. As the rules are broken down so too are the realizations of our realities, needs and responsiblities. But moreover it is the love of our world that and love from our world that seems threatened to us when in fact it continues if we could only realise to reach for it.

Thank-you for sharing.


Melvin Lee II's picture

Wowow...deep and heavy reading indeed, amy.
I had to read it afew times , to get its full impact of meaning.
Smilesz..but tis well worth it... your poetic declaration of a selfish soul, an uncaring heart, and perhaps even a careless thought.

Alone, up high a great stone mountain, above the rest of the human race.

hhmmmm....powerful lines, those. ~
Smilesz, thanxs for telling me about this !

ugonna's picture

Ah! Amy!

You have a mysterious way with
the balladic style. And it really
enchants me. This one got me to
the bones....though it's warm
here in Geneva today...

Here, the imagery, metaphor
and simile are so powerful
I just feel I could hold
on to these heights of
unravelling reality...