My Prayer

Memories of Youth

God, please send me back to real love

To where the tiny acorn grows

Into the great tree that shadows

And cools me from the sun above.

Let me rise to meet the new day

And greet the wonders of the sky

Never knowing or caring why

You wanted me to love this way.

Take me where my children were born

When their cries filled my life with joy

A gentle girl and a sweet boy

I was happy, though slightly worn.

Dirty faces and jeans in fray

As they chased the stars and rainbows

Sailing, laughing, as the wind blows

Crayons, dolls and big trucks for play.

God, show me a man that I can trust

Who can fill my heart with promise

Whose name and face I'll always miss

Even when our youth turns to dust.

To feel the warmth of tender arms

Around me in the black of night

Let loneliness take hasty flight

As we succombed to gentle charms.

God, I can't live without real love

Is there no heart left here for me?

Won't you just let the heavens free

A special angel from above?

To bring the life that I once knew

The joy that laughing children bring

To proudly wear a wedding ring

Hand in hand, as one makes two.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes, even cowgirls sing the blues.....

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HAWK SQUAW's picture

amy this is such a wonderful poem....... I know what you mean with these words..... you just want to be happy.... and my friend I wish you all the love that this world has to offer....... this is such a heart felt plea....... I prayer that god with shine his love on you and you find the love of your life........

ugonna's picture

A moving explication of that loving yearning which makes us human. Love, indeed, defines our essence as human beings in every sense. May we then continue to yearn and embrace that living love that will outlive the monuments of stone and time: "Even when your youth turns to dust. To feel the warmth of tender arms... Let loneliness take hasty flight... To bring the life that I once knew The joy that laughing children bring..." Surely, in a powerful reality of the contemplative conception we all share, Amy has done very well to courageously let go, in this deep- felt, no holds barred prayer. This is the stuff real dreams and humane reality are made of. And I am glad to be reading Amy's "Prayer' this new day on earthly pathways with smiles, dimples and thoughtfulness! Ugonna