Angels in My Rafter


At last the candle burns down lowly,

Lowering the warm glow of my room.

The stars begin to shiver slowly,

To dance the 'go - lightly' in the gloom.

The shadowed walls of my apartment,

Stretch long to reach the pale ends of light,

Where angels sleep in deep contentment,

Protected there from the frosty night.

My green eyes flutter until they close.

Sleep descends in harvested flowers.

The rains complete my gentle repose,

And ease my fears with autumn showers.

But, if all the peace of sleep has flown,

And a night should bring those thoughts I dread,

I call forth the angels to come down,

To quell the fears invading my head.

They leave the safety of the rafter,

And whisper their golden wings above,

To please my beating heart with laughter,

So I will sleep and dream long of love.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A simple piece to ease the fears and uncertainties in the night.

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