The Fairy Queens Lament


A fair fairy queen, she sleeps,

In fair, fairy sleep, she weeps,

In a fair, fairy land,

On fair fairy golden sand.

She awakens, blue with woe,

Feeling the blue west wind blow,

Blue, across the morning sky.

Her blue pale wings spread to fly.

Calling forth, she speaks so sweet.

So kind, her sweet voice can meet

Melodies, deep, sweet and strong.

Sweet, she holds each note so long.

She sings of love, life, of pain.

A life that feels love's disdain.

For life, she lives in sorrow.

Such fairy life is hollow.

If one believes, joy will ring.

In joy, fairy voices sing.

Believe with joy, and it seems

Joy will live in fairy queens.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you believe?  I do..

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Kristine Snow's picture

I thought I had read this before! I apologize profusely. I have always loved reading science fiction and fantasy. And I always wondered about the faeries....can they be truly happy living in Xanadu, in Shangri-La? How boring....things are seldom what they seem. Poor beautiful, sad faerie.

And I liked how you picked out the one word to repeat in each stanza.


Karyn Indursky's picture

It's nice to be fantastical sometimes. Your poem displays it well. There's just something uplifting and magical about embracing the journey of creativity and the imagination.

HAWK SQUAW's picture

once again you reign surpreme....... this was such a kick to read........ and yes oh yes I to believe that we have these tiny little beings all around us we just have to learn to slow down and listen to them...... this was so beautifully written..... I truly loved it I take this time to bow in your presence

Mona Omar's picture

dear amy i do believe that yes there are fairy queens filling our lives with love a very beautiful poem

Richard Elliott's picture

Yes Amy, I believe and thank-you for helping me believe. A lovely piece with the quirkiness and quintessential phrasing and sentiments of days of yore. Richard.E.

Melvin Lee's picture

Smilesz. In that limbo where sleep merely borders on the threshold of consciousness, where dreams materialize or fade away, my mind regresses to that of a boy. And it is always at that place, during the hush of early morning, that i remember my childhood dreams and memories, the faces of friends who came and went, and the beliefs that held so true and sincere to my soul. smilesz. A MOST evocative piece, Amy... i guess those words above have already stated the awe and impression by this masterpiece of yours. Thanxs ~!!