Draco - Draconius

Black breath billowing fire

Rushing, burning, blowing forth

Breathing out the red flames of Dante dreams

Covering the white innocence of the heavens

With your all consuming darkness

The skies around you should boil brightly

Seething with the power and might

Of the fiery molton magma that burns

In the centre of the sweet earth.

All life would cease to exist

In the wake of your mercilous destruction

Nothing could remain if you should spread

Your immense black carrion wings

That carry with them the fury

Of a hundred thousand hurricanes

No man dares to stand and challenge

The fierce weaponry at your disposal

Monstrous talons will tear assunder tender flesh

With the tiniest brush of your silver claw

You are the mightiest of all dragons

Feared by the most loathesome of beasts

Even your name brings the bravest

Of warriors down to their knees trembling

Hiding away from the wrath of your ire

The defenseless infants weep and the mothers wail

When you are abound freely in the skies above

Your name is whispered in darkened rooms

You are the harbinger of nightmares

The sorrowful songs of long ago legends.

Upon the highest of mountain peaks

You stand surveying all that lies below you

A solitary figure, silent as the stone gargoyles

Suspended forever on the great ancient cathedrals of the land

Up there so high, you could obliterate the world

And nothing would remain, but the putrid black

Burning emptiness of a cold wasted domain

Yet, why is it you do not choose to move

What is this I see in your massive, golden eye

Perhaps, a gentle warm tear of human compassion.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This, I believe, is my first  free form poem. I do hope it passes the test.I was inspired to write it while listening to Delirium.

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Kristine Snow's picture

And I just read it again! Always read things at least twice before commenting. Description of a dragon? Yes. Description of an erupting volcano? Yes. Earthquake? Yes. But the last line brings it all back to the dragon - the warm tear of compassion.


Kristine Snow's picture

How did I miss this one? Again, the descriptions are superb! Draco is one fine figure of a dragon!

Loved it.


Karyn Indursky's picture

I didn't exactly see this as a poetic piece. I saw it as more of a movie or cartoon. It tooks me the depths of a child's innocense with an occasional twist here and there to grib hold of my adreline. I truly enjoyed the trip through your mind. Thankss.

HAWK SQUAW's picture

sorry it took me so long to get back over this way and read this.... I love it.... this is an excellent free form piece once again I bow to your greatness..... I learn from each piece I read from you.... such a beautiful piece of work.....

Richard Elliott's picture

A truly wonderful and powerful piece with good rhythm, meter an accent. There seems to be a very good style in this form you use. Please continue. Bravo! Thanks for posting. Richard.E.

Melvin Lee II's picture

*~*~ APPLAUSE *~*~ Wonderfully done, Amy. Free form poems can be your forte too ....Smilesz. I like the masterful use of language here, especially adjectives , to bring across the poetic paintings . Darkly powerful too, if i may add. Smilesz. Write more of these...! I am sure u will create more gems like this one. Thanxs for directing me here, amy ! :) Take care....bbyes.

Deborah Russell's picture

Intricate, expressive and well written. I think you have alliterated very well the flow is wonderful I dont think you should have any reservations about expressing yourself in this form. Deborah

Mona Omar's picture

amy volcanoes and earthquaques nature in rage destroying evrything very terrifying i only saw one earthquake in my life it was realy horrible pray we dont have it again yes its realy terrifying wonderful poem