The Wedding Ring


Frivolous, little gold band, poised

So innocently in a box

On the dusty shelf deep within

The rich shadows of the closet,

Awaiting, watching, wondering

When an angel will once again

Set it free from its lonely keep.

Dainty, delicate band of gold,

A bright symbol of timeless love,

And placed so very lovingly

Upon the delicate finger

Of the lady shrouded in white.

A lasting vow of forever

And ever: "Till death do us part."

Proud and mighty, this metal band,

Stood solid in good times and bad,

Through infirmity and good health,

Tears, frustration and elation,

Children and love's intimacy.

Never waiving its volitions.

Silent, devoutly enduring.

Sentimental, sweet memories,

Like the halo on a cherub.

Weep not for this fine golden band,

Hidden from the eyes of the world,

Waiting, watching, understanding

That an angel will once again

Set it free from its lonely keep.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Wedding Band - a symbol of love. This is a poem of a ring once cherished,thought to be lost after the marriage was done & then found again, only to find itself stored back inside a velvet box.

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Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HI AMY,You sweet sweet lady words laid so beautifully,i
love your works,I bow to you with love and joy,hope you're good ok have fun

Karyn Indursky's picture

I found my mind straying to various things and people as I was reading this. I couldn't help, but remember a womann I used to work with who had an affair and was proud of it. She wasn't happy with her husband, home life, and confinement. She wanted something beyond her husband and work. So, bit into temptation. Then, my mind took to me the eyes of women telling me of their loss of their husband. Those sad, loving eyes full prosper beneath the mourning. A sense of understanding and appreciation throughout their mourning, pain. As tragic and negative as things can be, it's been better to have had them felt love at some point than for them to be hollow beings upon this earth without a reason to get up in the morning. Thanks for the thoughts and poems.

Yeung Alice's picture is a great poem. You describe the wedding ring in so much details. Thanks for giving me an example of how to make a good poem.

Misty Lackey's picture

Well written, so beautiful,,, a wedding band is such a important gift in a marriage, I cherish it. thanks for this work here :-)

hawksquaw99's picture

Amy..... I love this..... such a sad story but one that had to be told.... I am glad that you feel better..... it was just the thing to close the door to all the bad thoughts and memories... well done my friend.... well done