Mercy, Mercy

Set my heart down in the green of mediaeval forests

And I will be one with life.

Lay down next to me, the virile body of Adam

And call me your Eve.

Send your faeries to weave flames of scarlet in my hair,

To blaze in the summer sun.

Let them take the aquamarine from the azure sky

And adorn my eyes.

Call forth the silver wolf to summon me to her side

And I will ride to freedom.

My body, naked, shielded by her maginificence

Safe from reality

Summon the gentle rains to expunge my tarnished soul

And my crimes will be erased.

Send armies of great gnomes to carry the sword of truth

To vanquish my foes.

Bid me drink and bathe in the blessed waters of life

And thus be reborn again

To a new world made sweet by the voice of the swallows.

Let me savor life.

Show me your love and your tender pity, dark angel.

Let me embrace the unicorn.

I know now, what I have done, to offend you that day.

Please, Lord, have mercy.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, this is one of those abstract pieces I leave up to the reader to interpret.

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Melvin Lee's picture

Hhhmmm...cant declare that i understand this poem totally...must admit tt i am a bit stumped, if not quite a lot. hahahaha But definitely an air of mystic and whimsicality here....even a dash of fantasy, yeah ? Ermm,...Amy, perhaps u can tell me in private.? hehehe

Mona Omar's picture

oh amy its beautiful ,i know what you mean :)i understand beautiful:)

hawksquaw99's picture

this was wonderful..... I loved it.... and I could read many things into this one.... there are parts of this that made me stop and think..... I will be back to read this one again.... and I know each time I read it .... it will mean something different.....