Office Gossip (or guess what so and so said at lunch...)


A simple question I pose of you

What is this damage that you all do?

Will you be able to speak justly

To solve this care before day is through?

Do you know how much your words can sting?

Or what dire consequences you bring?

By destroying my reputation,

Your owns faults others will sing.

You poke and prod for all to see.

I question why you stare at me.

When I enter the office chamber,

You do leer at me so bitterly.

Take head when you share my human flaws.

It may feel like fun and slake some jaws,

To make me sigh and feel so downcast.

Will soon all come back to you, so 'HA!!'.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is probably my biggest pet peeve at work.I wonder sometimes if people realize how damaging gossip, especially in the workplace, can be.

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