Living In a Lavender Haze


Well, it seems for over twenty five years

I've been living in a lavender haze

Muffled in lost dreams and solitude tears

Imprisoned in a delusional maze

If the scarlet petals did not flower

I faulted severely on just myself

Endowing you with all the great power

To shove my feelings on an empty shelf

Each insecurity caused me to fear

The burning sun and the shadows of night

Anxiously wondering when I would hear

The sting from the violence of your flight

Tearful frustration and endless sorrows

Confusing these issues with ire and grief

Dreading the days and all my tomorrows

Watching you steal my esteem like a thief

Ashamed of this and so guilty of that

Enduring all just for one word of praise

The outrage, the denial, the cold, hard fact

A terrified mouse cornered in a maze

But, soon, the haze will be gone forever

And I will rise with fortitude and life

I will shed these chains in fields of heather

The lavender winds will scatter my strife.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Soon my new life will truly begin. All it takes is a legal document. It is time for me to have the happiness that I deserve.
Divorce is hard & it hurts the ones that are left behind to pick up the pieces.But, sometimes,like in my case, it is for the best

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