Mean Mr Selfish

Love Lost

Everything here is a mirror to you.

When you awaken & the sky isn't blue,

You suggest that God has been quite untrue,

For rainy days aren't allowed in your queue.

Everyone adds an offence to your life.

Nothing is your sin, not even your ex wife.

Her misery, despair & all that strife

Offends just you, as it intrudes like a knife.

All that you do is on someone else's blame.

Nothing you say will ever sustain your name.

Even the facts that the control of life's game

Is not in your hands, are abusing your fame.

Whatever you do, is all mirrored in pain.

Your ego, a great fool, that thinks there is gain

In total denial of days dark with rain.

You think this will keep you from going insane?

Everything here is a mirror to you?

When I awake, the sky is the same blue.

Trust me, your loving God has not been untrue,

For all that you see, is a mirror of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a man who doesn't understand that everything he does is like dropping a pebble into a quiet pool of water. The ripples go on & on & on....

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