wishful thinking


if i am not here

then where the hell am i?

i think i'm home

but it just cannot be.

my phone's on the floor

i know where i left it.

cat's on the couch

where she was all last night.

cd's in their cases.

beer's still cold in the fridge.

food looks the same,

but, there's something not right.

chair is inviting

and no one is around.

i sniff the air.

it's as fresh as a pool.

everything's clean.

not one crumb on the floor.

clothes hung so nice.

this is really too cool!!

no lights left on

for some stupid reason.

my heart feels joy.

i am ready to shout!

give me a sec...

i think i just got it.

i'm all alone.

my roommate has moved out!!!


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem speaks for itself.
actually you could sing it if you want. :)
have fun!!!

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Richard Elliott's picture

The good thing about good poetry is you can read it again and again. Sing it again if you like.

Onya Aimie,


Ozjan Yeshar's picture

When I started reading this poem, I was wondering where are you taking me but then I could not stop laughing. I love your style. Great work.

Netta Jack's picture

This is very well written. I have one with the same title that is also comedy. When you get a moment, check it out.

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vjochum's picture

This was a fun read! Just thinking, my place is always too neat. No husband for quite some time, kids all grown, I'm here on my own. I think I'm ready for a room mate to to fill this void. Or maybe I'll just have a party, let everyone make a big mess, just so I can clean up after them! I don't know...I'm in one weird mood tonight....

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Amy Got a giggle out of this one. Very well written. It sorta reminds me of a dream I envision when my children leave home.... hehehehee.... (Don't get me wrong, I love my kids). Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day :) Roz

Damira's picture

That is a cool poem. i tried to sing but i think i didn't do so well:). Well i just wanted to tell i though it was kind of weird in the beginning but then it was kind of funny. Cause i did't expect that to happen. So anyways nice work keep it up.

Richard Elliott's picture

A great piece with a good sense of internal rhyme and rhythm, pleasing and humorous to read. There are many of us with similar thoughts on the subject and it's good to see someone actually say it. Well done.

Karyn Indursky's picture

Intriguing poem. Your graphic images are beautiful. I could envision being there and feeling your glory. Somehow, I can see you doing a victory dance. :o)