To Touch the Unicorn

Dark Lord, master of the universe,

Ruler as far as thine eyes can see,

Tell me this is not your foulest curse.

Show me the truth! Who's done this to me?

Why can I not touch your sweet Unicorn?

Where does she linger? Where can she be?

She summons me with her golden horn

To soar with her o'er the sunlit sea.

Oh infinite woe! Profound sorrow!

I long to brush her shimmering form,

To feel her cool breath on fev'rish brow,

Infused in light to save her from harm.

Dark Angel, What brings this loneliness?

I pray you! Lift this curse from my soul.

There is no pain when I feel the caress

Of our gentle journeys. I must be whole!!

Child of mine, why dost thou question me?

Chase not the heart of my lush forest.

Stay far away from my foaming sea.

This conversation, I do detest!

Touch a Unicorn? Why speak you this?

Forgive me, oh Lord, this simple fool,

I meant no harm. I yearn for bliss.

What have I lost that fared me my soul?

Away sunless eyes! Take care my hand!

Is there no conscience? Have you no sense?

What is it that thou canst understand?

The choice you lost was thine innocence.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is so much said in this piece that it is best for the reader to interpret it for themself.

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perception's picture

This is an adorable poem, it made me smile for like the first time today.

Karyn Indursky's picture

I love the creativity in this poem. It flows so naturally with your old style of writing, which I'm a huge fan of. I think it's very symbolic because it's like a child wanting the forbidden cookie, Eve eating the forbidden apple, an adult wanting the forbidden love, the dead wanting the forbidden the life, the life wanting the forbidden death.

Helen Schmidt's picture

Amy, What a beautiful poem! Exquisite in its imagery and old world-style verse. I enjoyed this poem immensely! Helen

Helen Schmidt's picture

Amy, This is an outstanding piece of work! Beautifully done. I love its classic style. Very enjoyable! Best regards, Helen Schmidt

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Amy, This is so beautiful. Wow! IS right on! What a poem, what an expression! I love your vision, your soul shining through very brightly in this piece! This is some lovely writing~! Very enjoyable, creative, unique and wonderful~

James Haggerty's picture

This is great! Your best I have seen yet Amy! Bravo!

Wendy D' Michelle's picture

WOW...and I DO LOVE IT. I have seen others use thou..and dost...etc, but it didnt work too well. :) I love unicorns, and I love horses. This reminds me of a fairytale. Great job. Im going to read more. Wendy

Miranda Rae's picture

Amy, This poem is absolutely gorgeous! That's the only word that comes to mind...gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this one with everyone, and thank you for the kind critiques you've written for me of late.

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Amy Oh, I really enjoyed this one too! Such sweet sorrow... again, you have such a way with words... I loved it. Thanks for sharing. :) Roz

salphire5's picture

Amy...I love this feels so.. flowing ...and imaginative...and graceful and even mysterious...I loved it, thankyou! Tanya