to erin


Nov 13, 1999

Dear sweet child, I miss you so.

What can I do to let you know?

How life is dark & full of woe.

The elves & wolves no place to go.

Their words no longer call.

My lady child, you're gone from me.

There are no words to make you see

The loss that dwells so deep in me.

Your satin slippers stare at me

Hung empty in the hall.

Books & dolls, they are no more

Vampyres, souls & crows galore

Kept faeries safe behind the door.

Now,nothing guards the bedroom floor.

The lights shine not at all.

The music surges deep in me.

There is no heart to share with me.

No dance, no choreography.

No beauty left for me to see.

Alone, I face the wall.

My woman child, come out to play.

I need your love to show the way.

Your blood's my strength against the fray.

The sun & moon must rise today.

In you, I stood so tall.

Dear sweet child, I miss you so.

What can I do to let you know?

How life is dark & full of woe.

The elves & wolves no place to go.

Their words no longer call.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i composed this in old prose, because i wanted it be sung like an old english lullaby.
erin is my daughter.
i love her & miss her very much.
She alone, would understand this poem.

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Kristine Snow's picture

You don't have to "understand" the meaning of this poem to understand the emotion here. The loss of your child,however lost, comes across very clearly. Extremely well written, too. It reads well, it just flows along like a river of tears. Anyone reading this can feel the power.


Violet Carolina's picture

Neat story. Erin's alive, right???

dragonzite's picture

With small insight into your life this poem is both haunting and beautiful at the same time. The emotions that it invokes are sharp and bitter sweet. The poam shows your tremendous capacity to love, and the williing ness to do so unconditionally. If I had been alone when I read it I would have cried.

Nancy H's picture

Very touching and heart wrenching... The style and flow are wonderfully mastered. The fifth line of each stanza are so powerful: Their words no longer call ... Hung empty in the hall ... The lights shine not at all ... Alone, I face the wall ... In you, I stood so tall ... Their words no longer call This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter and I am left with intense emotion. I can only imagine the pain you feel with a loss so great and I wish you all the best. Excellent poem Amy! Thanks, Nancy

Tanya collier's picture

Amy...this sure is a piece of work with powerfully thought provoking words, I would not be exaggerating if I told you that I could feel your pain when I read this, in fact I am still wiping the tears from my eyes. I particularly loved the way you ended it the same way it was begun....thankyou for reminding me how precious the time with my own daughter is Tan C

Roz's picture

Hi Amy Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and powerful piece of work. I cannot even imagine how hard the loss you feel for your daughter. But reading these words, could feel the pain you have gone through. Thanks for sharing again. Very well written, you have great talent. Cya and have a nice day :) Roz

Renee''s picture

WOW.... this is a very moving, touching and powerful poem... there is nothing like missing someone so deeply that you just feel lost.... i have suffered a huge loss in my life and like you somedays are just too long .... i just don't think that i can make it... but somehow i always seem to... this is a great poem.... very nicely written... take care... Renee'

Fong Sau Shung's picture

You may be right when you say only your child would understand this, but I certainly do feel your sense of longing and loss.

mel's picture

hi amy... i like your poem...very insightful., BUt wat strikes me most, is your structural unity of this poem...each line and stanza relates to one another so seamlessly. Very nicely done...!!!