Therefore I Am


I think

Therefore I am

Therefore I am.

There simply must be more to be

Then merely a carbon copy

Of some long ago divinity.

Who conceived this body known as me

And stands upon this cross?

I breathe

In, out & in

Out, in out, in.

My faithful lungs fill up with strife

From factories & daily life.

Defiled for wealth for each man & wife

To set the plates, the forks & the knife.

No time to feel the loss.

I dream

Deep dreams. Night dreams

Day dreams. Light dreams.

There in my luxurious bed

I fluff & fold to soothe my head.

Illusive musings will be fed

Across my pillows to loose the dread

In solitary night.

I bleed

Red hot wet blood

Ancient blood.

I cut my finger on sharp glass

I curse & swear with loads of sass.

Then TV dares to expose the mass

Of blood, loss & death to me that has

Not known a war or plight.

I love

Young love. Lost love

Burning in love.

Can hearts hold far too much desire

And gorge itself on lustful fire?

Is youthful love lost to ancient mire

Or will it fan the funeral pyre?

Why don't I understand?

I am. I think. I Breathe. I bleed.

I love. I hate. I cry. I need.

I learn. I teach. I grow. I feed.

I sleep. I dream. I lust.I seed.

I feel you touch my hand.

Therefore I know I am


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think at one time or another, we all wonder who we are.
This was just one of those times.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Are you and I one of the same? Do our hearts beat the same pattern with that chaotic rhythm? Are our swaying hips dancing in tune? Do our eyes sparkle at victory in one light, one moment, one glory? Do our souls write one poem after another to capture each other and knit us into one?

cornaflakegrrrl's picture

So much more than just Descartes, =)

'...I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break
I crave, I love, I've waited long enough
I try as hard as I can
I laugh, I feel, I make believe it's real
I fall, I freeze, I pray down on my knees
I hope, I stand, I take it like a man
I try as hard as I can...' -- Lyrics from a Kasey Chambers song that came on over the radio while I was reading - a strange coincidence, yes?

I do love this, Amy. It flows beautifully and I can appreciate the sentiment behind it all. Thanks for the read - Essie =)

Violet Carolina's picture

Interesting beginning, middle and end, tied nicely

Jim Becker's picture

It's interesting ...this common nature of ours and you point it out so well. Yet possibly "naught but a hill of beans" ;)

Gena Letson's picture

This was truly something I enjoyed reading. Everything flowed together nicely, and everything made perfect sense, and sometimes no sense at all. Because we can never make sense out of why things are this way, that way, our way, your is all something we have to find within ourselves and solve the mystery! It was a great read, and definitely spoke truth. Wonderful!!

vjochum's picture

Hi Amy, Well, here I sit in just this mood,....wondering, Again. Thought I had everything all figured out, until reading your piece. I guess as a conscience Seeker, the process of awakening is neverending. I know who I AM. Even love who I AM, but now am thinking, I like how, I AM. You've given me a place to start again in redefining somethings, or thoughts I've been having. Thank you for writing this, truly it is just what I needed right now. Valerie

Deborah  Russell's picture

This is absoulutely absoutootly Wonderful!!! I love this is great! Thanks for "luring" me back with the new material... deborah

Edwin Robinette's picture

BRAVO!!! Excellent poem!! Now, I'm sure I am!! LOL I like this one!

Roz's picture

Hi Amy This was a truely awesome and well written piece. I especially liked the way you ended the poem. Well done! I found myself reading it over and over. Do you mind if I write this one in my "fav" book. Well done and thanks so much for sharing. Very inspirational indeed! Have a great day Roz :)

Dead Poet's picture

yes, we all think about who were's suppose to be sometimes in our life. i have been for a long time now and i think it's going to be a continuing quest for our identity search. but i think this quest is always worth it at the end. i like the way you build your piece. at the beginning it just gets me thinking and wondering. stanza 1 and 2, yes i wonder about my own personality. stanza 3 and 4, something that i interpreted from these two stanzas is that work is very much part of our daily life, we find meaning in what we do and who we are according to society....... yes, some of us are automons that needs to be controlled by others as a way of life. stanza 5 and 6, we're lonely creatures.... we strive for success and for some of us, when we're done..... we go home to an empty house..... for some of us, we're fine and happy with that..... for the most of us, we very much want someone to hold us at night or someone to wake up to in the morning.... stanza 7 and 8 yes we all feel pain to a certain extent and we all bleed.... that's what keeps us united and human stanza 9 and 10, something that i don't understand either.. love go figure...... but you know what? i'm a very lucky girl.... and when you find it and experience it... the idea, the thought, the emotion is like a crytsal that just forms right in front of you. i can't explain those questions that you pose but i can say that when you find it you'll know. did i just make sense? hehe stanza 11 and 12, i think it's here where you summed everything up to say that all these things equal me, Amy Riberdy....... yes, you are a you... and you are all those things and you know what? i think there's more....... something that's special about you that even you nor i know about yet. (wink)