Sister Light Sister Dark

Sister Light

You bring to us your golden desert

And carry us along the eagle's endless flight,

To stand tall on your mountains' majesty and might.

Existence is industrious and bears less hurt,

When we bathe in the warmth and the glory of you.

Sister Dark

You call us to intrinsic shadow

And show us the orb that obscures our existence.

Lovers emerge, hearts so hungry with intense

Passions. As your night summons, we must follow

Your sweet siren's trance that will enrapture and woe.

Sister Light

Nature wakes you up in a rainbow.

Colors are bountiful in reds, azure and green.

All the childen, mixed in fun, can plainly be seen.

Clouds, fluffed in pomp, play with the wind and will follow

Oceans filled with life, dancing in rich shades of blue.

Sister Dark

The eyes of your creatures blaze with fire.

Your forests are teeming with fierceness and glory.

Your great cities wear silence and dread with each story

Of ones that exploit your beauty.But, you inspire

The poets, the artists, the lovers, to feel new.


What is the creation of light without dark?

How can we have one and not the other, which lead

Us back again, to the Ying and the Yang, that mark

The sun, the moon, the days, the shadows?

We need


Sister Light

Sister Dark

Stay sisters true.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In all living things, balance must ensue.

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