Life is But a Choice


As I lay dreaming in the cradled rhythms of the warm dark of night,

Dolphins raise shifting shimmers in the Milky Way just out of my sight.

They wink at me, as if to say: "Life is a place for magic and grace

With memories meshed in celestial lace in the beauty of this space."

As I gambol so precisely lightly through the cosmos and the stars,

I waltz a truly dandy old waltz circling Orion and Mars.

The mermaids of the moons frolic in the rainbow hoops of great Saturn,

Scattering their smatterings with passe', pas de chat, grand jete' and turn.

I stride across the ends of nights and in to the beginnings of days.

I behold suns from a million worlds dawning in a thousand ways.

Six galaxies of gold dust are woven in my ringlets and my gown

By a gaggle of fairy sprites who merely decided to drop down.

Time is not my concern, nor, is it actually of any consequence.

It speeds past me, around me, not interrrupting my mind and my essence.

There's just too much going on, hanging out in the unverse of life

For inconsequential old quandries to bother me with their strife.

So, I tarry not with mortals who are stuck in the dire mire and ooze.

But I prance with the poets and I dance however I do so choose.

I carry with me no possessions, no old hang ups, not one heavy thing.

Would you, please join me with the dolphins, the sprites and stars? I'll be waiting.


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