Idle Thoughts For Rainy Days


Crystal Visions

Soul Decisions

"Music To My Ears"

Sea Green Glass Skies

Mysty Blue Eyes

"Help Me Through The Years"

White Linen Rooms

Rainbow Balloons

"Wash Away My Tears"

Blood Red Romance

Grey Circumstance

"Calm My Silent Fears"

Sun Ripe Children

Moonlit Cauldren

"Take MY Cares Away"

Silver Spun Threads

Warm Summer Beds

"Thoughts For Rainy Days"


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just words & images wandering around in my brain on a stormy day

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Karyn Indursky's picture

This poem reminds me of yesterday. It was raining and whenever it gets like that thoughts drift uncontrollably in my mind. I could feel myself slipping back into the creative morsel in my brain for shelter from the storm. Thank you.

Violet Carolina's picture


Linda's picture

What a truly wonderful easy lyrical piece!!

Danielle Edwards's picture

My soul writer you seem to do it again!!!!!!!!1 So beautifully illastrate a image in my mind!! To seduce me to lose myself in my imaginations and the world. Great work

Farah D's picture

from my point of view I would call this poem "Wonderful" thoughts for Rainy Days - co's they are!!! "Sea Green Glass Skies Mysty Blue Eyes" ah! just love your words - (( a big smile))

Edwin Robinette's picture

Amazing! Your poem of sporadic thoughts and images is really great! A cute poem!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Amy, This is beautiful... Truly beautiful, sunny thoughts to chase the clouds away! I love it :) Thanks for posting :)

Kristine Snow's picture

I like this one, Amy. The imagery is good. Rainy days do tend to make us sit and think, muse, recall? Thanks for sharing. Kris

Melvin  Lee's picture

Hi Amy... yupyup, indeed unique and erm, randomly confusing poem...hehee... seems like ur brain was thinking in 3-4 realms altogether...Still, a gem in its own way. thanxs for sharing....btw, its raining on MY side now.. :( CIaos for now....

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Amy This is a pretty cool poem. Very unique and well written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Have a good day Roz :)