I Grieve

Love Lost

I grieve for the long days of my youth, vanished so fast,

The wonders of a supple body and mind so free.

There was no tomorrow and eternal days would last.

There was mom, dad, brothers, strong friendships and, of course, me.

I pine for the freedom of expression with my style,

That no one, with wrinkles or a blemish could wear.

Hair, blazing red and rich, longer than a country mile,

Eyes bright, lips ample, cheeks blushing with a wanton stare.

I weep for the radiance of the lady in white,

As I spoke the words with you of love and forever.

Knowing these words would summon you closer in the night,

When the vigor of your body would lay me in clover.

I mourn for the babies we conceived with a promise

To raise them and to always be with them, together.

To teach them how good parents, in love, can be wise,

While the years would drift by so swift, like a feather.

I cry for the places that once held all my grand dreams

Of children and gardens and your sweet warmth by my side.

After so many long years, since you left, it still seems,

That I can't measure the numbers of tears that I've cried.

And, now, at night, I lament, but, not solely for you,

But, for the lady who endures, aging and alone,

Who sits at the white china, set for one, not for two,

Waiting and wondering, if something else could be done.

I hurt for this woman who carries the memories

Of the days of an innocence that carried a cost

That will haunt her forever to the end of her days.

Nobody can discern what actually was lost.

I grieve for the death of youth's beauty soon to follow.

I grieve for the consequences of a heart untrue.

I grieve for the generations of children to grow,

But, beyond what I have lost, I grieve mostly for you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is always hard to let go of anything, be it youth or places or loved ones.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

omg... how sweet and meaningful poem is this one too... love the idea and composition of your poems..specially this one is killing me.. very interesting one... love it... and look this stanza of your poem... so rich is it..

I mourn for the babies we conceived with a promise
To raise them and to always be with them, together.
To teach them how good parents, in love, can be wise,
While the years would drift by so swift, like a feather.

itsmesowhatofit's picture

I feel as though I am going through this loss with you and I just want to reach out and hold you, this amazing piece brought tears to my eyes....

Judy Costea's picture

What you have penned so very well, so many of us go through... It is our own hell here on earth... But knowing what we have to look forward to and knowing in that time we will be forever young once again helps me to think more that direction.... A promise we know will never be broken by God....
You opened your heart in this beautiful write for all to read and I applaud you for this.. it will give others something to think about...
God Bless you with Peace and Love always...


i grieve is a wonderful expression of sudden goodbyes,loss of a one which touches eventhe untapped souls that have not experinced it pains.thanks for sharing it.

Laryalee Fraser's picture

A wonderful, haunting work, Amy - grief seems to rest its weight heavier as years go on.... And we are told "forget it - you can't change the past"....doesn't always work, though! I understand your phases here, and you've woven a most poignant thread of life.... Super! Lary

Wendy D' Michelle's picture

You are now on my favorites poet list. I really love the way you write. With this poem, I wanted to cry. I hate getting older. I pictured you back then, with your long red hair. How beautiful. Im not looking forward to aging, yet in a way I am. I want to see my child grow into a woman and have grand children. Great job, loved it. Wendy

vjochum's picture

excellent expression and so well done!! what a sad but very expressive and beautifully written poem.

vjochum's picture

Whoa! This one did it. Kicked me right in the gut!! Ripped my heart,...now I know what's going on with me. God Amy, I know that my reading of your work tonight was not by accident, it was something meant to happen to help get me through a personal transition. God Bless your goodness,...

Linda Hildreth's picture

This is a beautiful poem, the words flow together so intelligently, it reminds me of a person i once knew and it brings memories i forgot i had. i applaud you. love linda