Forever a Day

Love Lost

I don't belong

Here any more.

You don't understand.

What am I now to say?

I do not live

Here any more.

I only know you

Can't have the right of way.

I just want to

Go back home.

You don't belong

Here in my dreams

You don't understand

That I can never stay.

You don't belong

Here in my dreams

You can't ever again

Come out with me to play.

You just need to

Let me go.

I'm not the one

To change your past

It's all up to you

To make your wrong turns right.

I'm not the one

To change your past

Where is compassion

To make you see the light

That once was there

Safe and warm?

You've lost your chance

To bring me home.

Our time has gone through

The change of life and loss.

I've earned my chance

To erase the tracks

Of tears and of dreams

That scarred the face of love

Every day



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't usually show this side of me, but, i thought i would give it a try. This was one of my first writings after I realized that my marriage was gone for good. This is what I was thinking as I looked back at my home for the last time.
My thoughts were a jumbled mess.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

This was a very interesting piece to read. There's something special about it. Maybe, it's what you have to say and how you went about it. Maybe, it's how you switch from saying you don't belong to the man of your dreams being the one not to belong. Maybe, it's that I read your comment after and understand how raw your pain was of losing someone after years of love. No matter what it is, though, it's an incredible poem and I'm very glad you let me read it. God bless you, dear, and take care until we write again.

Linda Hildreth's picture

wow, love and loss, beautiful, and yet i couldn't imagine it... i'm only 17, fallen in love i guess, had it break down before my eyes, but nothing as strong as you ever feel sometimes that you give yourself whether to friends family or otherwise and you can't see how you did it but you did and in turn you see and this effort breaks down, your poem has inspired me...thank you, i recommend you read my poem called "the police siren" i think you would like it

hawksquaw99's picture

Amy... I have to say that this is something like what I went through when I found out that I was head for divorce court .... my feelings were also a mess... and that is the time that they would be... this was well written... you really know how to pour the emotion in a piece of writing.... Renee'