Everyday Workday Woes subtitled sometimes my job sucks big time


A Cheerios breakfast,

A coffee on the run,

A swipe of cheek powder

And I'm ready for fun.

I zip down to the bus.

Do I have enough change?

Crap, my hair is a muss,

And the bus is in range.

I arrive at the mall

At eight - freakin' am.

Workers are in the hall.

"Wazzup there, Barb! Yo, Sam!"

I head to the Park

To face great iron doors.

All the rides are still dark

And no snacks on the floors.

Nobody is around,

But cameras still see.

Big brother, without sound,

Down in security.

I head to the office.

Not one bigwig in sight.

Will today bring success,

Guest complaints or a fight?

Its peaceful and silent

Right now, for the moment.

I know that this time spent

In quiet, is God sent.

Well, there goes the darn phone.

Let the great games begin!

I am no longer alone.

It's showtime once again!


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is just for fun.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Nice rant. It brings out the hostility of the day. Nothing like chaos to get the blood flowing. If it wasn't for the money, though, it wouldn't be worth the aggravation. I'm still training at my job and sometimes the customers drive me nuts, bonkers, insane. I try to shrug it off and laugh at them. Even if you did write this for fun, it's good to remember to laugh when you are feeling the pressure and stress. God bless you and take care...until we write again.

ugonna's picture

A flowing ballad to learn
and grow from...Lots of
humane, subtle meaning!


Lesa Gay's picture

Hi Amy,

I just couldn't resist taking a peek at another of your works after signing you guestbook.

This was so cleaver and I really needed a chuckle tonight!

Take care till next time we meet.


deborahrussell's picture

Funny...when I started reading this it reminded me a bit of Malc's stuff...lol, sometimes its all I can do to get out of the door "on time".

Violet Carolina's picture

Funny. I work in a similar prison. Hey, watch "Office Space" It's a HILARIOUS movie about jobs/work. : )

Melvin Lee's picture

Hhehee. amy, since Jason has re-formatted the site to allow non-alphabets to appear , why not add some brackets, commas, or a face :( to enliven things up? Smilesz....

dragonzite's picture

This poem brings back alot of memories. I had to laugh when I read it.

Rhonda M's picture

This was a fun poem. I loved it!! :-)

Melvin  Lee's picture

Yeah.....funnie title. TOo bad POstpoems format doesnt allow us to put in non-letters for the title.....haiz...oh well,. I like the narrative, and alittle sarcastic way of tone....flows so well.... Great read, amy~!~ Thanxs. HAve a nice day. Smilesz.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Amy, The title absolutely cracked me up~! Yes, subtitle. That is just too good! the whole thing was pretty funny. Well-written, and you can tell that you had alot fo fun with it! Fun to read~!

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

this is quite a fun little piece. i love it.