A Faerie Tale


A Faerie comes gently to ferry me

Across deep foaming seas.

My troubled heart beats quick with the rhythm

Of diamond - dusted wings.

She frees my lost soul from the maddening

Caws of the ebony crows.

I can see no more dark deeds from the wiles

Of the pods of black peas.

A Faerie takes me softly to the

Lush jungles of Eden.

My hot red blood moves with the magic of

Her airy touch so light.

She frees my mad mind from the great walls of power

And man - made corruptions.

The slaves held by time, war and destructions

Never are seen again.

A Faerie wrap - furs me wholely to quell

The cold blue - crystal winds.

My warm moist skin pressed deeply to her own

To keep me free from harm.

She gleans me higher than machines that thrum

And pass from life to rust.

Now, clouds so rich and suns so bold, will hide

All zealots' plans and sins.

A Faerie sleeps me sweet on her sweet breasts

With face on golden hair.

I raise my lips to drink of silver tears

And whisper simple thoughts.

She keens my wounds forever at long last gone.

I dream the  eternal dream.

her heart of innocence withdraws the strife

Of wordly pains and care.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written solely to fill the mind with imagery.
I leave it up to the reader to interpret the intent.

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