A years goes by

A years goes by

Well a year

goes by and

yet still you

will not forgive me.

A year goes

by our friendship

still under water.

The year has

gone by but

the friendship still

did not work

out so I

guess our friendship.

Now three years

has gone and

now we are

not even friends anymore.

I wish I

could turn back

and not tell

you that I

had crush on you.

It destroys our

friendship we had

but the years

will keep going by.

Maybe one day

our friendship can

be fix but

we need to

at least admit

that we are

sorry for what

we did.

Our friendship

and the years

has gone by

and there is

nothing we can do.

A year has

gone by will

another one before

we can start

to rebuild.

-Gene Conner December 26, 2005

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