Down For My Brown

Love Jones

Brown skin, Up against my Brown skin.

You are the inspiration for cocoa butter  

I'm infatuated with looking at our skins together.

There's no limit to what I would do

to you.

Making Love ,

Til our skins get lost into each other.

Coppertone Love

Let's make an environment; a universe

for beautiful brown babies.

Your skin has been kissed by the sun at dawn...

thoughts of your feminine body

Gives me seconds of pleasure

as I

hold on tight

to deep penetrations of your

Big, Beautiful, Brown Passion.

I grasp the treasure

of my Brown Skin lover.

Lost in the brown moments of us....

I can't even tell

the beginning or the ends of our Brown nuetral tones.

Colors of the earth.

compliments my reign as your Brown King

Brown Love

You are the Nectar that bees get next to

so sweet.

For what it's worth,

You've made me appreciate my brown skin tone.

changed my mind's concept

of Chocolate and Caramel kisses.

Beautiful Mahagony love....

Would you mind me touching you where the sun DOES shine?

Making me deliver orgasms of ice moch coffee and toffee?

Let's live in our paradise forever

in a place where

I'm down for my brown......

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Jay McWilliams's picture

Got me proud to be brown lol...