Someone Has An Appetite For Soul Food

Lower East Side.....NYC, late January

runnin late for this function

my tank damn near on E

hard to park after dark

damn hydrants are distracting

took a chance until the 4-Runner across the street

pulls out....

so in I go

Operation Broken Hip, unique name

for open mic marquee, but I was open like...

Who the? What the? Where the?

I was the first and last one there

several other poets took a writer's break, block

a rain check....or whatever the hell you call it

my ink stays wet

the same thing I can say for Rosa

(but I'll get to that later)

greeted by a hug so big, it took a crowbar to seperate us

watched her grace the stage

the way she hosted and boasted

kept my composure until I got the full closure

amatuers in the set movements

my name was called upon....time to do this

freestyled a topic about the ad from Twix

dude's mouth was full while

ladyfriend needs feedback on ass and tits

blanketed in my 5 minutes of fame

my speech and flow was all the same

eardrums vibrated by the call of my name

and the soft lips that it came


never dawned on this poetic pawn how

mamacita flirted, me actin all bashful

she glowed the dark room in blazer and jeans....

what an assfull.(lol)

session got cut short due to wind and snowfall

my food box growls,

haven't eaten since daybreak

Rosa grabs the right hand as if she were makin plans

and damn....we was out, along with her girl, Pam

next door was De Lechonera(*sp) to grub up

Rosa steps to the counter and orders.....

in her native tongue

was gawking at me as if she hadn't had chocolate before...

...or in a long time

things startin to heat up

with ill visions to eat up, then beat up

THE FOOD!!!(pervs!)

couldn't fuck with the pork on my fork

so the rice was grand....beans was bland

chicken was rich, yet dry like sand....

washed it down with Mango Mystic, lots of it

we conversated for several minutes after the food came

old Spanish lady across the table all up in our game

smiled at us while we chatted

she tryna front like she don't understand English, but

shrugged it off

sincerity and gentlemanlike nerve kicked in......

"Do you need a ride home?"

was flattered but planned to go to another home...

mines, that is

Rosa longed to give me an in-house poetic performance

and wanted my honest feedback in the morning.....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another keystyle. Actually my friend Rosa contributed in structuring an actual event that took place in NYC early this year.

And no......that incident didn't really happened. lol.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

It was still a hot ass poem.