she walks in the beauty of my thoughts

in my thoughts she is beauty

as she glides though natural


she is not the stick that snaps

in the woods under the foot

of a fox

and her footprints ramble in

directions of the easiest pleasure

that i must distance my fears from

her moments are not mine

her pleasure is savored

in ways that slip through

the knuckles of my fingers

her beauty is the stroke

of a summer frog

along the grassy shore

and her notions unfold

in souvenirs of grandeur

in conversations

that have no story

they are beautiful

if i try not

to own them

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Starward's picture

The poem is even more breath-taking on a second reading!


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Starward's picture

Breath-takingly exquisite; this is a real work of Art. This poem establishes you, all of its own, as one of the most important love-poets on postpoems. To you I say, as I quote from Dante, Il Miglior Fabbro.


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Savannah Tangen's picture

That poem was beautiful. keep writeing.

Nicolette Van der Walt's picture

Dear Gem Boy

A beautiful poem that creates a wonderful atmosphere and feel! Loved it – well written!

Best wishes

Nicolette van der Walt