I Murdered Him


I saw it all with my big eyes,
He overtooked and lost his wheels,
His might was unpleasant,
The view was terrible but mesmerising,
I stood and watched,
Did nothing yet listened to my unbearable thoughts,
Whispering bad omens to where i witnessed with my own riot,
I stood and watched,
Amazed yet his life was passing by,
Fading with my innocence,
Little had i known i participated in a murder,
I tried to hide myself from the light,
But little i knew i was in the darkness already,
Feeding me with poison as i sits in the devils lap,
He was in contol of my will,
As i stood while his soul forever leaves,
And nothing i had done,
As i realised my guilt,
My feet couldn't bear to sit one bit,
I ran and ran and gone was i seen no more.

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