The Migrant

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Hush child, avert your gaze

they have set your home ablaze

your kin destroyed like mice

never forget their sacrifice 

to give you this chance to thrive

the jackboots, do you hear them coming?

Run Child! Keep on Running!


Brave the heat, fight the thirst

my child, survive you must

remember those you left behind

as you journey through lands unkind

refuge you shall only find

in the shining city atop the hill

so make your way towards the light

Run Child! Run all Night!


Head for the city that offers succor

to the tired, needy and poor

an example for the world to be

from sea to shining sea

where at last you can be free

the city is now within your reach

harden your resolve and steel your will

Run Child! Run up the hill!


What’s this? A closed door?

where there was only mercy before

the man at the gate points to a new decree

that only the wealthy can be free

the rest shall be turned back at the quay

stay quite and wait for the dark

the light is out yet there remains a spark

but if ever you hear the jackboots coming

Run Child! And Never Stop Running!

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That was powerful.

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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