Looking at a map and trying figure out the right route through Saigon streets.  Foreign maps are hard enough to figure out.  A local denizen takes pity on my plight.  He tries in broken English to explain how to navigate District 1 and find the brewpub.  He doesn’t lose his cool at my opaque facial expressions.  He grabs a brown paper bag and begins drawing a map.  He has streets and rudimentary drawings of significant landmarks.  He uses arrows to show the proper path.  He also highlights a few worthwhile sites.  The map proved to be a heaven send.  Everything was right where it was supposed to be.  And through Siracha fingerprints and fish oil stains; it guided me through District 1 for several days.


Ho Chi Minh aside

the Siracha fingerprints

served as a beacon





Author's Notes/Comments: 

based on a trip to Vietnam in 2009

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