I was walking

thru the French Quarter

looking for food and drink

when the skies opened up.


I was walking past 

a place called Huck Finn

which suddenly seemed like

the finest venue in town.


I ducked in for a meal

The monsoon was outrageous

as I watched it from a safe table.

I calmly ordered my meal

with a mint julep.


After indulging in

a healthy serving of crawfish

and gator,

I noticed the rain letting up.


After paying I needed

to shuffle back

to Canal Street 

for the streetcar.


The streets were still flooded

and my flip flops 

provided no traction.

so I found myself

walking barefoot on Decatur.


The streaming water felt good

rolling through my toes

and the sidewalk was still slick

but no one seemed to care.


The Streetcar operator cared

and he insisted I put

the flip flops back on

before he allowed me on

to ride back to my hotel.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

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That is my favorite street. Love N'orleans!! Thanks for bringing me there. I remember monsoon and how quickly everything can flood. 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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wonderful street indeed

wonderful street indeed