Devil’s lettuce—

so that’s what we’re 

calling it these days


not your mother’s romaine

or your father’s kale


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hopefully, I won't have to explain myself

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Devil's Lettuce

I have heard that people are prone to rape and kill while under its influence.   ---    Stephen

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possibly but reading

possibly but reading scripture has inspired more murder than any plant growing in the ground.

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That would be alcohol. Or meth.


Devil's lettuce may lead to feeding on junk food or forming a band. 


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Any substance can lead to

Any substance can lead to compulsive use or psychological addiction.  That in turn could lead to adverse behavior.  Of course, even a lot of vices like gambling or viewing pornography can lead to dire consequences.  Ultimately one must control one's demons.

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You needs

We gots

Devil's lettuce

It's good pot




There I explained it for ya, kinda

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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