Stopping at an Irish pub

for a stout.

Maybe a second or third

pending the vibe of the night.


I get in a convo w/ a drunk girl 

who apparently worships

karaoke night.


Everything is copacetic.

She calls me Magnum 

based on a seeming Hawaiian shirt.

But I identify my shirt

as a mad gringo—

the actual name 

of the company making the shirt.


She says ”Isn’t that a white boy?”


I take off my cap

And show her my arms.

“Isn’t that what I am?” 


This somehow discombobulates her.

Maybe I am not supposed 

to notice my own skin.


I suddenly go from Tom Selleck

To John Wayne Gayce.

I get cursed for reasons 

known only to her

and she takes off.


I’m bewildered

unsure what I done to

cause her to turn like that.


Wait til she finds out

we’re riding the same train

to get home an hour later.


Unless she’s too fucked up 

to remember.


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