I was flipping

thru my papers & stuff

& I found a signed copy

of Richard Hell's book

The Voidoid.


He wrote,

"For George,

Stay George."


Well, I don't know

exactly what that means

but I can say this

I will stay George

because I don't know

any other way to be.


I have tried

to be different

I have tried 

to be other people.


It just leaves me flat.

I can never

actually pull it off.


I'm kinda stuck here

in this persona

which isn't actually a persona

but just who I am


which may not be much

but it's what I am


and I have come

to terms with that.

I've resigned myself

to being me

and nothing else

and no one else no one else.


I yam what I yam

to steal from a sailor

which is why

I am what I am

and nothing more.


The irreverence

has deleted

all fear of failure.


I don't try

to be anyone else.

I don't even try

to be myself anymore.


I just let it flow

au naturel.

I am quite certain

it'll be all right.


I have stayed George

with minimal effort

cuz if you really

get down to it

there isn't anything else

I ever could've been.


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The profound wisdom in this

The profound wisdom in this beautiful poem is far beyond any comment of my poor words.  I wish I had read this poem decades ago, it would have solved some major problems for me.


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