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I'm a lifewhore. I'll try (and most likely will like) anything... in a non-perverted sense.

Ah, geez, not another angsty teenage girl... oh, bother. I have an extensive nightmare of a past, and I write about it quite frequently. I fall in love too quickly. I write about that, too. I hit rock bottom when those people leave. I most assuredly write about this. I don't write very often when I'm happy. That's why a lot of my poetry is depressing, to say the least... Damn Bipolar Disorder.
Annnnnd, switching poles entirely, I love life. Sometimes I wonder why I do. Then I remember the feeling of falling in love, his arms around me so gently, and the way he whispers "I love you" in my ear that I believe him with all I've got. I swing both ways, if you catch my drift. I can get all the girls I want. Basically they're just fillers. There is only one man that I need, though. Funny how things work out.
I exaggerate, I dramatize, I victimize. I sometimes pity myself, but more often than that there is a fear of myself. Like I said, my past is a little shady and I don't remember most of it. Yet. Memories sometimes just hit me randomly, though. So I fear my own brain. It never asks me what I want or what I'm doing. Just trigger and oh crap I'm in a flashback.
Life is good. (<-- I'm not being sarcastic.) I bitch and moan a lot, but I really do love this stupid old world... *Sigh* I was so sure I would end with a Sylvia Plath-style finish, but life has other plans for me.
So, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my writing...
...hmmm, but all work and no play makes Ami a dull girl. Oh well.

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That's deep. And so is my navel. ^.^

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Him: ''I don't control my boner.''
Me: ''Ah, but I do.''


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